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iData J16 Series Smart Scanner, Providing Innovative Service


In the past, scanners often have low work efficiency due to complex setup procedures and poor performance. While iData has improved its performance in a breakthrough, it has also developed an intelligent interactive system to create a new iData J16 series smart scanner, serving users with innovation and making scanning easier.


For different application scenarios and user needs, the iData J16 series smart scanners are tailored to 3 different models, namely J16, J16-BT and J16 Smart.


Five Advantages of the new generation of scanning engine

In terms of scanning performance, iData has introduced years of accumulated experience into the R&D of the J16 series of smart scanners. J16 series are equipped with a new generation of scanning engine, which has good performance in reading rate, decoding and environmental adaptability, just to make scanning easier.


Strong reading ability

Faced with the increasingly accelerating working pace, the J16 series has industry-leading performance in reading rate, movement tolerance, tilt, deflection, and rotation tolerance. It can read 20 barcodes in one second at the fastest, and can easily cope with massive barcodes; Maximum 8m/s motion tolerance, no pressure when scanning barcodes on the conveyor belt, and a maximum tilt tolerance of up to 60°; There is no need to bend over to scan low barcodes, and it is effortless to scan barcodes on high shelves.

It is suitable for various scenarios such as industrial manufacturing, logistics, transportation, warehousing, medical, retail, etc., even if the barcode is bent, wrinkled, damaged, dirty, etc.


Efficient decoding performance

Not only reading, the J16 series also has outstanding ability in decoding ability, unique NPU acceleration technology, 60,000+ barcode use case library, the latest generation of decoding algorithms which can read quickly, decode accurately, and tune up to 1.667mil barcodes for special scene.


Innovative learning algorithm

Good equipment can learn and grow. The J16 series has an innovative learning algorithm. For scenarios with poor barcode quality, the smart learning function can quickly set the optimal reading parameters to help users improve work efficiency.


Unique multispectral technology

The J16 series pioneered unique multi-spectral technology. For barcodes with special materials such as blur, damage, and low contrast, the J16 series can collect multi-spectral images in the unit time domain, and the smart fill light can emit red, blue, and white lights. The built-in smart algorithm quickly and targeted matching the best light source, so that hard-to-read barcodes are no longer difficult to read.


A new generation of polarized light technology

When facing barcodes on strong reflective materials such as metal, glass, and ceramic tiles, the J16 series uses a new generation of optical design, which novelly solves the problems of overexposure and ghosting caused by surface reflection that are difficult to read.


Scanning assistant is configured efficiently

The innovative PC smart scanning assistant (PSSA) and mobile smart scanning assistant (MSSA) R&D by iData allow users to bid farewell to the trouble of setting the scanner in the barcode book.

Users can set the barcode, decoding attribute and reading mode of the scanner through the smart scanning assistant. The configuration information can be quickly synchronized with multiple scanners in batches through the smart scanning assistant, making the setting of the scanner more convenient.


PC smart scanning assistant (PSSA)

As a scanner setup software running on a Windows computer, PSSA can directly connect the base of J16, J16-BT or J16 Smart through the USB interface of the computer, thus quickly completing the configuration of scanners in batches.


Mobile smart scanning assistant (MSSA)

MSSA is an APP running on Android system, with online and offline modes for the configuration of scanners. The configuration information can be synchronized to the scanners through Bluetooth (online mode), or the configuration can be completed by scanning QR code with scanners (offline mode).

Note: Online mode is only available for supporting J16-BT and J16 Smart.


Mutiple smart interaction modes

J16 series smart scanners provide users with a new experience in interaction modes. In addition to providing traditional buzzer and LED lamp interaction, J16 scanners also innovatively add vibration motor, intelligent voice and touch screen, thereby helping users use the device more conveniently through multiple interaction modes.


Intelligent voice prompt

When users start up, in the case of connecting or disconnecting the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the intelligent voice will prompt users to determine whether to carry out the further operation. When it is out of power, the intelligent voice will also prompt users to charge the scanner. Moreover, by searching for the scanner with MSSA, the scanner will give a prompt sound of "Hi, I'm here", which is convenient for users to quickly find the scanner.

Note: Intelligent voice prompt is only available for supporting J16-BT and J16 Smart.


Touch screen man-machine interaction

Depending on the touch screen, users can not only quickly complete scanning, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, prompt and other settings, but also turn on the fill light to be normally on state for lighting. When the user needs to find the goods in back warehouse, he/she can quickly find the required goods by using the touch screen to turn on the fill light under the condition of insufficient light below the shelf. The touch screen allows users to be free of using computers and phones.

Note: The touch screen is only available for supporting J16 Smart.


Multiple middleware development support

J16 series smart scanners support multiple middleware development, allowing that the scanners are not limited to the scanning of ordinary barcodes. Besides, J16 series smart scanners will also have more possible by means of rich scalability.

Middleware development can be applied by users for supporting health code scanning, so that the scanners can be used for personnel access management in airports, hotels, customs and office buildings, etc. After successfully accessing to UDI identification code scanning, the scanners can be used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories and pharmacies for drug management.

Note: Middleware development is only available for supporting J16 Smart.


Industrial applications

J16 series smart scanners are applicable to multiple application scenarios in retail, logistics, manufacturing, medical treatment, public utilities and other industries to help users improve work efficiency in various industries.


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