iData K1S

Designed for complex scenarios


Stable holding feeling

iData K1S has excellent ergonomic design:
Holding part of the bulge takes on stick shape,
the hand feel is full and natural,
if holding for a long-term, the hands are not easy to fatigue;
The raised front end of the protective screen
can protect against falling damage, and play the steady roles of jacking the palm;
Conventional 20° index finger lifting position design,
so that iData K1S can achieve front and rear balance;
The non-valgus design reduces wrist fatigue and provides all-day comfort for workers.


More sturdy and durable

The iData K1S can response easily either falling in water, on concrete ground,
or used in high temperature, low temperature or dust environments, ,
it is the more durable handheld terminal in its class.


Design of handhold scanner

The iData K1S can be optionally equipped with an handhold scanner's handle accessory,
which is ready to use to easily handle intensive scanning tasks ,
even on high-intensity scanning days.

  • Stable holding feeling
  • More sturdy and durable
  • Design of handhold scanner

Stabilize network

The iData K1S uses the latest wireless chip and antenna gain technology,
In the WiFi scene, at a weak network environment and a running and moving speed of 5 m/s,
The network can still be not dropped and fast seamless roaming without packet loss,
Network and roaming rate is 60% higher than similar devices.


Super endurance

Standard 3.8V 4400mAh large capacity battery
supports full load uninterrupted working for 12 hours,

It can meet the power needs of long shifts.
Support a variety of fast charging solutions,
to ensure that the battery can be fully charged
and put into use in more time.


Octa core CPU

Faster operation speed, real-time operation of the application interface,
greatly reduce the waiting time, improve work efficiency,
fast response, no jamming, so that the work is ease


Android system

The operator can be immediately familiar with Android system,
easy to operate and use, and it can save a lot of training time;
It is compatible and equipped with many new functions,
so that you can do business faster, more easily, and safely.

  • Stabilize network
  • Super endurance
  • Octa core CPU
  • Android system

Self-developed scanning technology

Fast scanning
Core black technology Smart light 2.0, decoding speed is increased by 50%, up to 1200 per minute of decoding, so that your enterprise has efficient data acquisition capabilities.
Scanning for a long time
The self-developed iData scanner supports AI intelligent dimming and power saving modes,
which can effectively reduce power consumption, the capacity of automatically adjusting of electricity and cruising has been significantly improved. Long scanning distance
No bar code position control and focal length switch, it can ensure that your employees can quickly read
whether in bending, standing,and forklift operation, which can greatly meet the scanning needs of employees in multiple scenarios.

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K1S Specifications

System Configuration
Processor Octa-core 2.0 GHz
Operating system Android 9.0
Memory (ROM+RAM) 16GB+2GB,64GB+4GB(optional)
SIM Single SIM card
Expansion slot Micro SD card, up to 256 GB
Display screen 4-inch, resolution: 800*480 pixel
Touch screen Industrial capacitive screen, supporting two-point touch + gesture operation
Camera 8 MP autofocus camera in the back side (13 MP optional), LED flash
Flashlight 800mA flashlight
Keyboard A total of 26 keys, front key*23, side power key*1, side scan key*2
键盘背光 白色
Battery Lithium battery 3.8V power supply, 4400mAh, detachable, backup power support (supported by some models)
*Executive standard: GB31241-2014
Audio Built-in microphone
Charging Type-C charging and pin port charging, 18W fast charging
Prompts Vibration reminder/LED reminder
Vibrating motor Built-in vibrating motor
Sensor Gravity sensor (G-sensor) / proximity sensor / light sensor / geomagnetic sensor / gyroscope
Intercom function (optional) Supporting one-button PTT calls
Structure parameters
Dimension (LxWxD) 168mm*71mm*26mm
Weight 270g(Within battery)
Communication transmission
Wireless wide area network
(Network frequency)
Asia & Europe
3G:B1/B2/B4/B5,CDMA&EVDO:BC0/BC1 (America)
Wireless wide area network
(Data service)
Communication transmission Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/r/ac(2.4G+5G dual-band Wi-Fi) ,Wi-Fi 5G PA
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0+BLE
Operating Environment
Working temperature -20℃~60℃
*For your safety, please do not charge in a low temperature environment
Storage temperature -40℃~70℃(Without battery)
Humidity 5%~95% (no condensation)
Drop specification 1.5m concrete floor dropped several times
Roller drop specification 500 times of roller drops from a height of 0.5 meters
Protection level IP65
Electrostatic protection ±15KV (air discharge), ±8KV (contact discharge)
Scan engine
Barcode Support 1D/2D scanning engine
Scanning accuracy ≥3.33mil
Scanning angle Tilt ±60°, deflection ±60°, rotation 360°
Angular Field of View Horizontal: 44.3°; Vertical: 28.4°; Diagonal: 51°
Motion tolerance 8m/s
NFC (Optional)
Frequency 13.56MHz
Reading distance Within 30mm
Communication protocol ISO14443A/14443B/15693
Input/output Interface
USB interface Type-C (with earphone function) *1
OTG interface Supporting
Development support
Development language Java
API iScan API (Scan Development Kit), Device API (Device Management/Configuration Development Kit), Android standard interface
Development tool Eclipse/Android Studio
Standard accessories USB cable*1, power adaptor*1, charging cable*1, lithium battery*1, hand strap*1, wrist strap*1
Optional accessories single cradle,device 4-slot charging cradle,battery 4-slot charging cradle,pistol grip(Need to match the pistol grip model pocket)
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