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iData i3, a good solution for power companies to be better digitized


Since iData i3 has been rolled out and marketed for some time, and has registered excellent performance in the electricity meter management project of a large power company. Now, let's look at how i3 makes electricity meter management more efficient.


Electricity Meter Warehouse Management

Application location: warehouses of power companies

Application scenarios: management of warehouse, inventory and ex-warehouse

As electricity meters are important materials for power companies, each of them is assigned with a unique identification bar code. When a new batch of meters arrive, the warehouse keeper will use i3 to scan the bar code of each of them, register their respective information and then put them into the warehouse.


After they are warehoused, i3 is generally used to bind the information of each meter with the information of the shelf. So, the warehouse keeper can directly query the location of each meter and immediately find them. Therefore, it is a good solution for warehouse keepers to make inventory management. If a meter needs to be installed, i3 can be used to scan the bar code for ex-warehouse and then the inventory quantity will be automatically adjusted.


Equipped with a self-developed scanning engine, i3 shows a quite good tilting tolerance when scanning meters on high shelves. Besides, thanks to its lightweight design, it is a good match for warehouse keepers who need to carry heavy objects for a long period.


Electricity Meter Installation Location Management

Application location: communities, office buildings, etc.

Application scenarios: installation, confluence, inspection, maintenance and replacement of electricity meters

In general, after leaving the warehouse, electricity meters are sent to communities, apartments, supermarkets, office buildings and other places for installation. During installation, the customer, location and other information will be recorded for the convenience of future search. The information of electricity meters of the same floor or the same building is integrated into a unified bar code, making possible the efficient management of electricity meters of the whole floor or the whole building.


A power company will carry out regular inspection of installed meters. If no meter of the whole floor or the whole building has any fault, the operator only needs to scan such a unified bar code after integration for feedback. If there is something wrong with any meter, the meter with trouble will be scanned to give feedback about the trouble and remind the operator to repair or replace.


Barcodes of installed meters are prone to damage and contamination due to the surrounding environment, making them hard to identify. i3's scanning engine is designed with an optimized function to identify such barcodes and quickly read them. Outdoors, i3's network is guaranteed, allowing users to finish their work quickly. 


i3 is light, compact and powerful. It is particularly convenient to manage electricity meters. It can help us to finish a lot of work quickly. We expect to tap the greater potential of i3 together and apply such a cost-effective product to more scenarios to realize totally digitized management.

-- An employee of a power company


Device Recommendation

In the same scenario, K1 series products will be a good solution to help our work. Moreover, the same keystroke operation and the same excellent scanning performance can help you better work.


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