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Public Service

  • Occupy road by parking on city roads

    Occupy road by parking on city roads

    Shanghai Traffic Police Corps have introduced "Internet +EAM" equipment management system based on iData handheld terminal, which can query and monitor the working status of all electronic police equipment in real time, so as to meet the requirements of electronic police equipment management, and realize the integrated management from basic information management of the equipment to late routing inspection, maintenance and repair of the equipment.

  • ETC charging

    ETC charging

    When ETC automatic charging system is used, deduction of fees often can't be conducted because of equipment failure, resulting in that vehicles can't pass normally pass. iData handheld has been added with customer's 5.8G ETC reader-writer module , which not only can support ETC emergency charging, but also ETC recharge/consumption, ETC device issuance, ETC card issuance, ETC smart parking and so on.

  • Car inspection at the DMV(Department of Motor Vehicles)

    Car inspection at the DMV(Department of Motor Vehicles)

    The traffic police department has installed RFID read-write module with encryption mechanism on iData handheld terminal, equipped with corresponding RFID tags to all legitimate rental vehicles and developed corresponding acquisition system on the terminal. When the terminal collects the tag information in the vehicle, it can immediately index comprehensive vehicle information through the system.This makes the well disguised fake-licensed cars and clone cars are unable to hide away and escape from the hawk-eye query.It can also integrate RFID, wireless, mobile computer, mobile printing, field photography and so on through the technology, so that the law enforcement work is more fast and accurate, and real-time data entry and query can be realized, which greatly improves the efficiency of administrative law enforcement.

  • Water


    Introduce iData handheld terminals, let it participate in tap water meter reading management, and use ubiquitous mobile network coverage to realize the automatic "Meter reading", substantially save costs of artificial meter reading for the enterprise, and prevent citizens from being bothered, the terminal can be used to conduct integrated and intelligent processing for the collected water supply data , to create "wireless" intelligent life for public utilities of the city.

  • Electricity


    The intelligent power meter-reading solution treats the new generation of mobile network technology as the carrier, use RFID// infrared communication and other Internet of things technologies to integrate the meter reading business into iData handheld terminal and easily achieve one-click automatic meter reading, data upload, real-time management and so on.

  • Fuel gas

    Fuel gas

    The gas staff can use iData handheld terminal to download the data of meter reading on the same day at each business point, visit the line, and return to each business office after reading the meter, and upload data through wireless network for billing, statistics, analysis and report.

  • Oil field

    Oil field

    iData handheld terminal can be used to scan bar code /RFID for inventory management label printing, ex-warehouse,warehousing, warehousing shifting, putting goods on shelves, removing goods from shelves, warehouse position creation, allocation, inventory and other related operations, and send the operation results back to the system in real time.Now, the management mode of "Intelligent identification", "mobile business", "timely information" and "accurate data" has been achieved, and which is of great significance to ensure the production and operation of offshore oil fields.

  • Traffic enforcement:RFID taxi management

    Traffic enforcement:RFID taxi management

    The RFID reading-writing function of iData handheld terminal can be used for information collection, identification and verification to various IC cards of drivers or passengers, such as the bus card, driver training student card, and driver's attendance card, etc. Strengthen the management of vehicles and drivers, optimize vehicle scheduling, improve management efficiency and operational benefits.

  • Law enforcing by public security personnel

    Law enforcing by public security personnel

    The access of iData handheld terminal to the police system can provide important information data services for the police officers with real-time and fast retrieval of information, case entry, case evidence collection, mobile printing, and scene camera etc, help police officers to achieve more efficient and accurate law enforcement management, greatly improve the efficiency of administrative law enforcement, to achieve a real sense of mobile office.

  • Large public events/performance/meeting/news conference/exhibition

    Large public events/performance/meeting/news conference/exhibition

    When entering the exhibition hall, the audience will show their tickets or QR code, and the staff will use iData handheld terminal to verify the QR code combining with the verification methods of personnel information such as ID identification or face recognition, and upload it to the background server for comparison and record.In order to achieve safe, fast and accurate admission verification.

  • Park/tourist area

    Park/tourist area

    The iData handheld terminal is used to scan the QR code on the tickets of the tourists, the ticket-booking time, ticket window, ticket agent and other information are displayed, the whole checking process is completed in 10 seconds.

  • Traffic ticketing

    Traffic ticketing

    Preparation before implementation of matching scheme, ID identification, face recognition authorization, as well as the combination of crew network system and APP. Identify the passenger 's ID/face information before boarding, and scan the electronic/paper bill QR code, and check with the information of the network system to ensure the passenger's train number, and carriage before release to board. After getting on, the seats of newly added passengers at each station will be displayed according to the APP interface of the program system,and the color information of passengers getting off and seats that should be available will be screened . For getting to the passengers, we will use the handheld terminal to accurately and quickly locate the passengers by combining with with our information verification scheme. We can also use our equipment to store and manage the goods sold on the train, as well as the consumption items.

  • Fixed assets management

    Fixed assets management

    iData handheld terminal can be used to collect the information of RFID electronic tags/bar codes stored on fixed assets, grasp the specific status of assets, and transmit the data to the asset inventory system for statistical analysis.Based on the object management, the whole life cycle of fixed asset's real-time tracking management including purchasing, application, requisition, borrowing, storage, maintenance, care, scrapping and so on can be realized with the basic information such as the location, quantity, manager and user of assets.

  • Health code

    Health code

    iData handheld terminal is used to scan the health code, which can not only query and track the traffic information of personnel, but also input the current travel records of the personnel. And it is often used for health registration, work returning registration, passage registration, and registration for access to the community etc.

  • Nucleic acid testing

    Nucleic acid testing

    According to different application scenarios, iData handheld terminal can be used for single entry or formation entry of the identity information of nucleic acid testing personnel. Formation entry can be used to separate the group and accounting collection.According to different regions, nucleic acid testing can be carried out by means of mixed nucleic acid collection of single throat swab or mixed nucleic acid collection of double throat swab. If positive results are found after testing the mixed test tubes, the batches of throat swabs will be tested one by one, which can greatly improve staff efficiency.

  • Fever clinic

    Fever clinic

    Using iData handheld terminal to collect health code or diagnosis and treatment card information, and anti-epidemic information obviously .When the temperature exceeds 37.3℃, the need for fever clinic transfer treatment is automatically triggered, improving efficiency and reducing patient exposure time.The fever clinic strictly follows the design of "three zones and two channels", and iData handheld terminal can achieve in-one-stop completion of registration, examination, medicine collection, observation, diagnosis and treatment in the fever clinic for the patients.

  • Vaccine injection

    Vaccine injection

    The iData handheld terminal is used to collect the information of vaccine and vaccinator, so that the source of vaccine information can be traced, the follow-up effect of vaccination can be monitored, and all the information from the production to the use of vaccine can be input into the system, which is convenient for medical staff to call at any time.

  • Rubbish management

    Rubbish management

    Residents will take the garbage bags marked with QR code to the recycling point;The staff confirms the household information on the iData handheld terminal and opens the bag for inspection;Scan the QR code on the garbage bag after making sure the garbage is sorted correctly.The system operation confirms that the collection is complete, and the user points have been accumulated successfully, and which can effectively confirm the garbage owner's information, effectively manage household garbage.

  • Dairy tractability for anti-counterfeiting anti-channel conflict

    Dairy tractability for anti-counterfeiting anti-channel conflict

    By using iData handheld terminal to scan the QR code at the bottom of the product tank, the authenticity of the product can be quickly verified, and the product quality tractability can be realized. For products with quality problems, they can be traced back to the source supplier, so as to achieve zero fake and inferior products fundamentally.In addition, the iData handheld terminal can also be used to scan the products in and out of the general warehouse and sub-warehouse, associating the basic data of products with the data of distributors, so as to realize anti-channel conflict. 。

  • Special food supply secondary coding + single product tractability management

    Special food supply secondary coding + single product tractability management

    iData handheld terminal is used to implement comprehensive secondary coding and single product tractability management for special supplied food, effectively connect all links such as factory - inspection and quarantine - warehouse - distribution - processing - desktop, and carry out food process verification and authenticity information query at all stages to ensure the safety of specially supplied food.

  • Livestock, aquatic products and fresh's anti-counterfeiting tractability

    Livestock, aquatic products and fresh's anti-counterfeiting tractability

    The anti-counterfeiting and tractability management system of livestock and aquaculture industries based on iData handheld terminal is used to scan the QR code plastic buckled on the livestock and aquatic products, and collect the livestock and aquatic products' images and other biometric information, and related production information of the livestock and aquatic products (producer, production date, breeding method, trademark, and origin, etc.);Consumers use the iData handheld terminal to scan the QR code on the the livestock and aquatic products to find the basic information such as the origin and the launch date.

  • Campus health management(Sunshine sports)

    Campus health management(Sunshine sports)

    iData handheld terminal can assist teachers to record scores, evaluation management;Monitor student's sports data, convenient for real-time statistics and query;Check student's attendance and supervise student's physical exercise.

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