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About us

The global workers connect the digital world through iData

About us

Who are we

iData is an IoT device manufacturer that leads the world in smart hardware innovation.

In line with the core value of "Help customers succeed.", iData provides excellent smart IoT devices for global workers, and is committed to building a smart world with all things connected.

Together with thousands of partners around the world, iData covers more than 100 industry segments and is widely used in logistics, manufacturing, retail, health and utilities. Through iData's device, we can connect the software services of excellent partners in various industries, promote the digitalization, interconnection and intellectualization of data acquisition, and ultimately create value for our customers.




  • Values


    Help customers succeed.
    Be innovative and pragmatic.
    Down-to-earth Effort.

  • Vision


    In 2030, more than 100 million iData products will be used by 1 million customers worldwide. iData will become the world's leading IOT company, with its market share be the Top 3 ranking.

  • Mission


    Global workers connect to the digital world through iData.

Development Path

  • 2020yr

  • 2019yr

  • 2018yr

  • 2017yr

  • 2016yr

  • 2015yr

  • 2014yr

  • 2013yr

  • 2012yr

  • 2011yr

  • 2010yr

  • 2020 development story.

    · iData signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the School of Information Engineering of Nanchang

    University: University-Enterprise Co-creation, Industry-University Win-win

    · The iData Xi'an Research Institute was established

    · Released the industry's first anti-epidemic temperature measurement PDA: iData 25T

    · The iData T1, the industry's first large-screen PDA, was released

    · Released the industry's first 5G industrial PDA: iData T2

    · The iData 70 is completely updated

    · DS6000Pro, a cost-effective 2D scanning engine, was released

    2020 development story.
  • 2019 Development Story

    · The Thailand branch of iData was established

    · China Mobile & iData 5G Intelligent Industry Terminal Joint R & D Center was established

    · China Mobile's 5G medical equipment standardization module has cooperated to create a new 5G +

    medical ecosystem.

    · iData has joined the IMU Internet of Things Identification Industry Alliance, and member units

    · Released the first PDA for the new retail industry: iData K1 & K1S \n · Launched the first industry-disruptive

    new portable PDA, the iData mini I series

    · Released the world's first commodity visual settlement device using AI vision & four-dimensional modeling

    · Released DS7000Pro, a high-performance 2D scanning engine

    2019 Development Story
  • 2018 development story.

    · iData 80 released

    · China Mobile & iData jointly released the H01 medical smart terminal

    · Released iData's first 2D scanning gun

    2018 development story.
  • 2017 development story.

    · iData Singapore was established

    · Released iData 70 with new 4-inch screen + numeric keypad and fifth-generation WiFi technology

    · Released iData's second-generation self-developed scanning engine DS7000

    2017 development story.
  • 2016 development story.

    2016 development story.

    · Successfully developed i-series software value-added tools to meet the needs of mobile applications in various industries

    · iData 65 released (upgrade to 60)

    · Released iData's first-generation self-developed scanning engine DS6000

    2016 development story.
  • Development story of 2015.

    · Released iData 95V, a price/performance product

    · Released the industry's first iData 50 mobile smart terminal that supports 4G and dual-band WiFi across the entire network

    · Released iData 60 Extreme Efficiency

    · Mobile Intelligent Terminal for Logistics Express and Warehouse Management \n · Became a member of the China Association for Science and Technology

    Development story of 2015.
  • 2014 development story.

    · Released the industry's lightest UHF Android mobile device, the iData 95UHF

    · Started to expand overseas market, iData series products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions on five continents

    · Initiated the establishment of the China Alliance of Automatic Identification Equipment Manufacturers and became a member of the first Presidium

    2014 development story.
  • Development story of 2013.

    · iData Reliability Lab inaugurated

    · Joined China Automatic Identification Association

    · Released the industry's first Android smart terminals supporting the whole network 3G: iData 70, iData 95W,

    iData 95E

    · Became a member of the Presidium of China Alliance of Automatic Identification Equipment Manufacturers

    Development story of 2013.
  • 2012 Development Story.

    · Moved to a new location and became the first 530 enterprise to settle in Wuxi National Sensing Center.

    · iData 90 Series product release

    · Released the industry's first Android mobile device: iData 95

    · Released medical series products: iData 80HC, iData 90HC, iData 95HC \n · Won the title of high-tech


    2012 Development Story.
  • 2011 Development Story.

    · Released the first UHF product: iData 80 UHF new generation mobile Internet of Things terminal product

    · Passed GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification

    2011 Development Story.
  • 2010 Development Story.

    · iData is officially launched

    · iData's Shenzhen R & D Center was officially established

    · Released the first product: iData 80, a new generation of mobile Internet of Things terminal product

    2010 Development Story.
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