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Medical Industry

  • Admission  management

    Admission management

    Medical staff register related information of patients, such as name, gender, age, medical history and so on with iData handheld terminal, and save it to HIS system of the hospital.The system automatically generates admission number according to the patient's information, through which the patient information input by HIS system can be queried.

  • Execution of  doctor's advice

    Execution of doctor's advice

    In medical care, medical accidents caused by medication errors often occur, which often bring huge losses to hospitals and even endanger the lives and health of patients.Health care personnel should ensure that medication is taken correctly to minimize medical errors. The iData handheld terminal, which integrates barcode and RFID technology will effectively help hospitals achieve this goal. When executing the doctor's advice, the medical staff use iData handheld terminal to scan the patient's wristband, barcode of the medicine and barcode of the bed number, which will help the hospital strictly regulate the care process and minimize the incidence of medical errors.

  • Signs acquisition

    Signs acquisition

    Medical staff often need to collect patient's vital signs at fixed points regularly. Efficient collection and analysis of vital signs is an important part of hospital information construction.Conveniently and effectively collecting, recording, saving and querying of the patient's vital signs data will be of great benefit to improve the medical diagnosis mode, simplify the hospital nursing process and improve the management level.

  • Vaccine tracing

    Vaccine tracing

    Use Internet of things technology to strengthen the management of the whole process of circulation, cold chain distribution and use links.iData hand-held terminal scanning technology was used to record the information of vaccine sales, storage, transportation, distribution and use, so as to realize the tractability of the whole process of production, storage, transportation and use of the minimum package unit of vaccines.

  • Medicine tracing

    Medicine tracing

    Use iData handheld terminal to input and read medicine barcode information, control the medicine's inventory, circulation information, and timely recall problem products, to ensure legal sales channels, ensure medicine quality and safety;Realize full channel transparency, prevent false data, and anti-channel conflict etc.

  • SPD materials management

    SPD materials management

    External supply chain: Procurement plan development → purchase order push → supplier distribution → arrival acceptance code assignment → shelfing and warehousing; Internal supply chain: Wave picking → processing and push → department shelfing → scanning code consumption → fixed replenishment;To achieve zero inventory of hospital medical materials funds occupied;Ensure the supply security of consumption points;Relieve the workload of health care workers; Realize the fine management of medical materials;And minimize the labor cost of hospital logistics management.

  • Logistics sorting of medicinestore and chain  warehouse

    Logistics sorting of medicinestore and chain warehouse

    After the medicines arrive at the warehouse, iData handheld terminal is used to scan the barcode of medicines and the barcode of shelves and the medicines are put on the shelves according to the cargo space.The goods are delivered according to iData picking instructions (storage location, variety, specification, batch number and quantity) on the handheld terminal to ensure accurate picking;Make an inventory of responsible area regularly to ensure that the inventory is consistent with the real goods.

  • Management of the chain medicinestores

    Management of the chain medicinestores

    Use the automatic data collection and wireless real-time transmission function of iData handheld terminal to achieve real-time management of the store's replenishment, goods shelfing and adjustment, price check, inventory and other business data;Supervise and manage the inventory, production date and sales of medicines in stores.

  • Information search

    Information search

    When viewing information on an iData handheld terminal, medical staff need to authenticate by verifying their fingerprint or entering their ID and password to obtain the permission of viewing information.For doctors, nurses and managers, the terminal can provide corresponding information view permissions, so that information search is more fast, and personnel management is more convenient.

  • Blood bag management

    Blood bag management

    Each bag of blood that passes the test is affixed with the corresponding bar code or electronic tag, and the bar code is uniquely identifiable.The information about the blood bag is written into the label of the corresponding blood bag through iData handheld terminal, and shared to the hospital management system through the connection of 4G or WIFI network, so that the whole process information of each blood bag from collection to final use can be recorded and stored. It provides a complete and detailed information chain for the tracing of blood bags, so that all links from collection to use of blood bags are open, transparent and traceable, reducing the occurrence of pollution and mistakes, and ensuring the safety of blood bag use.

  • Pharmacy management

    Pharmacy management

    Pharmacists receive electronic prescriptions in real time through iData handheld terminals;Thus can reduce the time of manual verification of paper documents and patient's waiting time for dispensing, and improve the efficiency significantly.

  • Sample collection

    Sample collection

    When the patient's physical signs are collected, the iData handheld terminal is used to find the doctor's collection advice for corresponding physical signs, enter the execution interface, scan the patient's wristband to confirm the patient's identity information, and then the sample is collected if the confirmation is correct.A sample label containing the patient's information can be printed by connecting the patient's bedside printer with PDA. After collection, the label can be pasted outside the sample container, and the sample label can be matched with the patient automatically.Even if nurses collect samples from multiple patients at the same time, they do not have to worry about sample confusion and work more efficiently.

  • Laboratory management

    Laboratory management

    Through barcode recognition technology, the relevant information of sample collection is written on the label at the place where the sample is collected, and the label is attached to the corresponding test tube;As the unique ID information of the tube, the tube is included in the information management system.The iData handheld terminal can scan the bar code on any test tube, and through wireless connection to the database system, the corresponding patient information, sample collection time, test items and so on can be quickly queried.

  • Tracing of previous  instruments

    Tracing of previous instruments

    The bar code or RFID electronic tag technology can be used to attach labels to valuable instruments, and implement information management for the valuable instruments and equipment;Labels can be quickly identified and managed by scanning with the iData handheld terminal.

  • Warehouse inventory

    Warehouse inventory

    Attach bar code or RFID tags to the equipment to be tracked and managed, and write relevant information, such as asset name, model, purchase date, using department, and storage place, etc.During subsequent management, the iData handheld terminal can scan label information to quickly obtain all asset information and manage the asset accordingly.

  • Management of  medical wastes

    Management of medical wastes

    In the medical waste room, install RFID tags for each garbage can, and weigh the garbage can;Write the weight, garbage type, time, place, and responsible person into the label; At the same time, the information is uploaded to the server through the iData handheld terminal network, and relevant work information is recorded.

  • Real-time communication

    Real-time communication

    iData handheld terminal has voice communication function;By making a phone call or through 4G or WIFI wireless network function,the real-time dialogue and communication among hospital staff can be realized, and one-to-one dialogue or one-to-many communication can be supported; It can help to strengthen the collaboration and mutual assistance among medical staff and improve work efficiency.

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