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  • Warehousing


    Through the use of iData handheld terminal, intelligent checking, statistics and data reporting of the goods warehoused are conducted, to accurately, efficiently and intelligently complete the warehousing operation.

  • Inventory management

    Inventory management

    RFID/ bar code technology is adopted to install RFID tag/label bar code tag for each item that needs to be counted. Inventory personnel can read/scan the RFID tag/bar code information on the goods by operating iData handheld terminal.

  • Ex-warehousing


    The warehouse keeper receives the ex-warehousing information in real time through iData handheld terminal, gives the optimal picking path, to scan the barcode/electronic label of the goods and automatically identify and compare the ex-warehoused goods.

  • Shelfing translocation

    Shelfing translocation

    iData handheld terminal is used to intelligently distribute and record the position of goods on shelves, and intelligently provide the optimal storage path and picking path during the operation.

  • Warehouse inspection

    Warehouse inspection

    Install RFID tags for each warehouse and the equipment to be inspected. For each inspection, the iData handheld terminal is used to scan the RFID tags and record the inspection information.

  • Inventory management of stores

    Inventory management of stores

    Using bar code or RFID tags on every product to conduct marking management, and using iData handheld terminals integrated barcode/RFID and other data collection functions to scan commodities barcode , automatically identify and record the goods state, and then, such information can be uploaded to the goods management system in real-time through the wireless network and the goods quantity etc. can be automatically counted to realize the intelligence of store inventory management.

  • Commodity transfers(Allocating)

    Commodity transfers(Allocating)

    Each product is tagged with barcode or RFID, and the product information can be quickly obtained and shared on the network through the scanning of iData handheld terminal.

  • Guiding-purchase of  commodities

    Guiding-purchase of commodities

    Each product in the store is equipped with a unique identifiable bar code or RFID electronic tag, and the purchasing guide uses iData handheld terminal to scan when selling goods.

  • Order Picking

    Order Picking

    The staff receives the distribution notes through the iData handheld terminal, and completes the batch picking task in the shortest path according to the information provided by the iData handheld terminal.

  • Package re-checking

    Package re-checking

    iData handheld terminal's quick check function, such function can improve packing efficiency.

  • Replenishment


    The staff receives the shelf-loading/replenishment information through the iData handheld terminal and completes the quick replenishment according to the instructions, to ensure that the pickers can complete picking without delay caused by shortage restrictions.

  • Receiving


    Use iData handheld terminal to complete checking of the order and goods, and batch receipt.

  • RFID management of turnover boxes

    RFID management of turnover boxes

    With the binding of iData handheld terminal and RFID tag, the operation of the turnover box's warehousing and ex-warehousing operations are automatically read, and the operation of counting and recording is completed.

  • Binding of electronic price tags

    Binding of electronic price tags

    Due to the large number of electronic price tags, resulting in a huge amount of work to match goods with electronic price tags, iData can provide efficient and reliable electronic price tag binding, and maintenance solutions.

  • Price/size/inventory  inquiry

    Price/size/inventory inquiry

    The salesclerk can query the price, sales volume and inventory of goods in real time through the hand iData handheld terminal, without checking into the warehouse.

  • Mobile cashier

    Mobile cashier

    The application of iData handheld terminal + mobile printing + QR code adopts mobile and rapid cashier method.

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