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  • Goods acceptance

    Goods acceptance

    Confirm and verify goods in real time by scanning barcode, RFID tag or RMA tag with iData Smart terminal. The mobile processes make receiving staff's work become more efficient and accurate; And which can clearly indicate position of each item in order to expedite warehousing, avoid errors, and provide traceable audit tracking information;Ensure constant voice and data communication throughout warehouse and yard.Access, collect, and send information from any location in your warehouse via wireless devices.

  • Warehousing


    Warehousing personnel scan the barcode of goods with iData intelligent terminal to register the goods in storage and upload the data directly to the background database system.

  • Goods handling

    Goods handling

    iData intelligent terminal is used to scan the warehouse goods for accurate and fast inventory work, and the background system is connected through wireless network to transmit inventory information in real time.

  • Inventory management

    Inventory management

    The iData intelligent terminal can scan the goods in the warehouse for accurate and fast inventory work, which is efficient and convenient, and the number of categories is very obvious. The terminal is connected to the background system through the wireless network, and the inventory information is transmitted to the database in real time, so that the administrator can place an order with the supplier in the first time and realize the real-time supply of goods.And as a UHF RFID reader-writer, it can read multiple tags at the same time, and the read distance is far, which greatly reduce the inventory time, reduce the work difficulty of the storage personnel.

  • Distribution  management

    Distribution management

    Improve productivity and accuracy by using iData intelligent terminals;Capture data through one or two dimensional barcodes and RFID , so you can continue to drive warehouse operations and ensure compliance and tractability through the appropriate combination of data capture options;To ensure that each order has been accurately picked, packed, and assigned to the correct destination for accurate order fulfillment.

  • Replenishment  management

    Replenishment management

    Know when to stock or replenish, so that the inventory planner can accurately predict the purchasing cycle and production schedule; Help employees to complete the warehousing work efficiently and accurately. And achieve real-time communication between employees in the warehouse;Avoid out of stock situations by quick replenishment and WMS to reduce unnecessary sales losses.

  • Production management

    Production management

    With the help of sensors, readers and scanning technology, real-time data collection can be carried out through handheld terminals in each key link, so that the current material batch, production progress and inventory information can be mastered in time, breaking the "black box" of management and realizing production transparency.Through handheld terminal recording, the whole process from suppliers to procurement and receipt to production, processing and quality inspection can be uploaded to the database in real time through the network, so that the storage and production process can be checked at any time, the use situation of material batches can be mastered in real time, and the current production schedule can be defined to facilitate subsequent reprocessing.

  • Production line trace

    Production line trace

    Establish a whole process tracing system, record the whole process from supplier to purchase and receipt, production and processing, quality inspection, and finally to consumers through the handheld terminals, the data is uploaded to the database in real time to trace the production process and materials at any time, and make clear the source and place of each production link;Storage and production process adopts error prevention warning,to ensure logistics and production to be implemented as required.Through the personnel to decide the material inventory, set the task guidance for the handheld terminal, and the handheld terminal can realize the raw material storage, production plan and operation instructions in advance, and in-process guidance of quality inspection standards, technological route, as well as post-events alarm of BOM list, equipment operation standards, and ex-warehouse of finished products.

  • Anti-counterfeiting anti-channel conflict

    Anti-counterfeiting anti-channel conflict

    Sensor labels, readers and scanners are used to detect, find and eliminate quality problems. When problems occur, automatic alarm is generated to facilitate defective product management and avoid penny wise and pound wise.Form statistical report for quality problem parts to facilitate subsequent production adjustment;Strictly control the flow of problem parts, use centralized processing, to avoid inflows into the market, affecting the brand image.

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