iData T2X

5G portable RFID mobile terminal

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Back RFID design

This device features user-friendly RFID collecting function and greater portability


Portable RFID collecting

High performance RFID module + 2dBi Circularly Polarized (CP) antenna
It supports fast reading of mass tags, small module but powerful functionality
The gripping is as thin as 13.7mm only, super convenient and portable


Adjustable reading distance

The power of antenna can be adjusted in a wide range.
The reading distance can be either far or close,the furthest distance can reach up to 6m;
It can be free from the disturbance of other tags nearby.

  • Portable RFID collecting
  • Adjustable reading distance

Dynamic Duty Cycle algorithm

It adjust the RFID working time dynamically based on the quantity of the tags;
It improve the module’s efficiency, thus extending the lifespan of the module;
It reduce heat and optimize the power consumption of the whole device

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Long lasting battery life

With a 4500mAh big battery, it supports up to 1.5 shift working time.
The battery is detachable, which can be replaced easily and continue to work;
It supports 18W fast charging, it can be fully charged during the shift change


5G communication,More efficient outdoors

The peak rate can reach up to 20Gbps,while the lowest delay is just a few milliseconds.


More networks available, Lower cost

Dual-Sim dual-standby, you can choose your network carrier freely with a better performance.


HD big scree, more clear outdoors

6 .21-inch water drop screen,1520*720 ultra-high definition, the display is more clear than ever.

  • 5G communication,More efficient outdoors
  • More networks available, Lower cost
  • HD big scree, more clear outdoors

Sturdy and durable housing design

IP67 protection level+ Up to 1.5m concrete ground impact resistance
It fits different complex scenarios, sturdy and safe.


T2X Specifications

System Configuration
Processor Octa-core 2.0GHz high-performance processor
Operating System Android12.0(GMS)
Memory (ROM+RAM) 64GB + 4GB (standard), 128GB+6GB(optional)
SIM Two out of three SIM card slots, support dual SIM and dual standby
* Two out of three SIM card slots: two cards can be held at the same time, Nano SIM card + Nano SIM card /Nano SIM card +TF card
Expansion Slot Micro SD card (up to 256 GB)
Display Screen 6.21-inch, resolution: 1520*720 pixels
Touch Screen Industrial capacitive screen, support wet-hand operation/glove mode/multi-touch/gesture operation
Camera 16 megapixels top camera, support auto-focus/PDAF; 5 megapixels front camera
Flashlight 800mA flashlight
Keypad 5 keypads in total: scan key *2, power key *1, volume key*2
Battery 3.85V lithium battery, with 4500mAh, undetachable
3.85V lithium battery, with 4200mAh, detachable
Audio Built-in microphone
Charging Method Type-C and Pin-port charging, support 18W fast charging
Reminder Vibration reminder/LED reminder/high power speaker/Audio reminder
Vibrating Motor Built-in vibrating motor
Sensor G-sensor/Proximity sensor/Light sensor/Geomagnetic sensor/ Gyroscope
Intercom Function (Optional) Support one-button PTT calls
Structural Parameter
Dimension (L*W*D) 168mm*79mm*13.7mm (Thickest 25mm)
Weight 315g (including the battery)
Communication Transmission
WWAN (Network Frequency) China & Eurasian version:
2G: 900/1800
4G: FDD-LTE:B1/B3/B7/B8/B20, TDD-LTE:B34/B38/B40
American version:
2G: B2/B3/B5
3G: B1/B2/B4/B5,CDMA&EVDO:BC0/BC1 (U.S.)
4G: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B12/B17/B28A/B28B/B41
WLAN Function Wi-Fi 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac/d/e/h/i/j/k/r/v/w (2.4G + 5G dual-band Wi-Fi), support fast roaming
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Environmental Parameter
Working Temperature -20℃ - 60℃
*Do not charge under low temperature conditions for the safety Concerns
Storage Temperature -40℃ - 70℃ (without battery)
Humidity 0 - 95% (no moisture condensation)
Drop Specification Multiple drops to concrete floor from the height of 1.5m
Roller Drop Specification 1000 times of roller drops from a height of 0.5 meter
Ingress Protection IP67
ESD Protection ±15KV (air discharge), ±8KV (contact discharge)
Scanning Engine
Barcode Type It can scan one-dimensional / two-dimensional barcodes
Scanning Accuracy ≧3.33mil
Scanning Angle Pitch: ±60°; Skew:±45°; Tilt:360°
View Angle Horizontal:44.3°,Vertical:28.4°,Diagonal:51°
Motion Error Tolerance 8m/s
Communication Protocol UHF RFID:ISO18000-6C/EPC Class1 Gen2
Frequency UHF RFID:920MHz~925MHz/902MHz~928MHz/865MHz~868MHz
LF RFID:125KHz/134KHz
Output Power 0~25dbm(standard); 5~30dm(optional)
Antenna Circularly polarized antenna
Reading Distance UHF RFID:0~25dbm, up to 3m (standard); 5~30dm, up to 5m (optional)
LF RFID:3~5cm
NFC (Optional)
Working Frequency 13.56 MHz
Reading Distance Within 60 mm
Communication Protocol ISO14443A/14443B/15693
Communication Interface
USB Interface Type-C (with headset function) *1
OTG Interface Support
Development Support
Programming Language Java
Development API iScan API (Scanning Development Kits), Device API (Device Management/Configuration Development Kits), Android Standard Interface
Development Tool Eclipse/Android Studio
Standard Accessories USB cable*1, power adapter*1, hand strap*1, device-back strap*1, battery*1
Optional Accessories Single charging cradle, bottom charger, 4-slot charging cradle, 4-slot battery charging cradle, fanny pack, protective film, protective case
****** As the product line is updating from time to time, the information in this document is subject to change without notice.
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