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iData for Defeating COVID-19 | Service of Delivery to Domicile under the Pandemic


Recently, China has seen a recurrence of COVID-19, with new cases detected in many places. The recurrence will necessarily bring a lot of inconvenience to people's travelling, especially people who are isolated at home. They can't go out to purchase necessities of life, so the service of delivery to domicile become inevitable.

Delivery Service

Earlier in 2020, iData has reached cooperation with many well-known enterprises such as Meituan Grocery Shopping, Fresh Hema, Yonghui Supermarket and Dingdong Grocery Shopping. It can quickly and safely deliver goods to customers' homes through high-tech means. You can place an order on your mobile phone without leaving home and easily purchase food, medicines and daily necessities for your life.

The intelligent terminal of iData is officially applied to order receiving, picking, out-in-warehouse, distribution and other links. It can collect the information that originally needs to be recorded manually by code scanning, which greatly improves the delivery efficiency.

And the feature of temperature measurement on the intelligent terminal can monitor the body temperature of the delivery personnel to ensure that the deliveryman can safely deliver the goods to your home.

Community Group Purchase

Both the delivery service of various platforms and the recently emerging community group purchase also have iData intelligent terminals. Through out-in-warehouse management of iData intelligent terminals, goods are delivered efficiently from the central warehouse to communities and finally to your home. It can effectively reduce the loss in the distribution processes, so that you can buy high-quality goods at a low price.

The service of delivery to domicile constitutes delivery service of various platforms and community group purchase. At present, iData T1, 95, 25T and other products are widely used in the service of delivery to domicile. The iData intelligent terminals make your life easier through technology.

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