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Cold-Chain Application: How to Improve Efficiency in the Cold Storage of a Catering Group

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Recently, iData has started working with a well-known catering group. This group has been established for more than 20 years. It has nearly 3,000 employees and more than 70 stores, including Chinese food, Western food, food processing and other types of business.

This time iData not only prioritizes the freshness of ingredients, but also helps client to improve the operation management efficiency so as to reduce cost, including raw material procurement, goods allocation ,delivery and distribution.

Pain Points

Low efficiency of manual verification

≫ The workload is heavy and complicated while staff need to check the purchase of foods manually.

Manual food allocation is cumbersome

≫ It takes a lot of labor and time to conduct the food allocation by manual, you can’t even trace the location information.

The accuracy and timely manner of order can’t be guaranteed

≫ Manual verification takes time and labor to verify the read-to-ship foods ingredients and order information, but still, the outcome is barely satisfactory.


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By combining the cold-chain dedicated mobile terminal with barcode technology, iData K1 Cold can register and allocate all kinds of information, including foods/food category/quantity/purchasing and warehousing time. When it comes to the transferring section, it can trace order in real-time and update the outbound order automatically. All these information will be uploaded to the back stage via Wi-Fi.

Client Benefit

≫ Increases food purchasing and warehousing efficiency; Reduces warehousing processing time and labor.

≫ Achieved perfect match between foods and to-do-list; Traces real-time food information; Reduces the deterioration and damage of food ingredients so as to guarantee the quality and safety of food;

≫ Speeds up the circulation of ingredients in the warehouse. Improves the efficiency of ingredient delivery, and saves time and labor costs.

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