95W Model : iData 95W

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iData 95W, bar code scanner, handheld terminal

Help users implement mobile application quickly and easily.

Adopting high-performance system configurations, the most easy-to-use OS and the quickest wireless communication

mode, iData 95W helps users implement mobile application quickly and easily. Learn more >

iData 95W, rugged terminal, industrial PDA, RFID reader

An excellent professional device for enterprise users.

Adopting the most advanced mobile computer technology in the industry, iData 95W features more powerful data

collection and transmission functions, wider application, more convenient use and smoother operation. Learn more >

bar code readers,  handheld scanners, mobile computer

Reliable and durable products.

Based on full understanding of enterprise mobility, each aspect of iData 95W, including product design, parts selection,

production and testing, is rigorous and strict to ensure that each iData device is reliable and durable. Learn more >

handheld computer, enterprise mobility, mobile computer provider

Flexible options of functional modules and accessories.

For users’ benefits, iData fully considers users’ customization requirements so that they can select or customize

devices more flexibly according to their business requirements. Learn more >

iData 95W, PDA provider,  handheld computer provider