What is the ‘new retail’ that helps enterprises achieve reverse growth? 3 cases make you get it!

Posted on 2017-07-13
With the upgrading of the national consumption level,hot of"new retail" concept, both electricity supplier giants and physical retail stores have begun innovation and exploration within the industry.The core of the new retail is consumer digital, through user spending habits, data analysis, re-matching people, goods, farms, to provide customers with the ultimate experience service.Howdidthismodellandanddevelopofsubvertingthe traditional retail industry?


Today, iData will share three new retail business cases within different industries: “Online star”Hema food market、“Emerging fashion brand”Hotwind and“Creating a new ecological consumption model of child rearing”Kidswant,deciphering one by one for everyone.


How does “Online star” new retail Hema food market achieve half an hour delivery arrival within 5 kilometers?


Hema food market is an important project for Ali to explore new type of retail business, utilizing “Fresh E-commerce”as the entry point, covering the integrated business mode of fresh food and catering service by APP and offline physical stores, which combines with functions such as super market, catering, storage and sort out etc.


All highlights that Hema food market reflects: At first, Hema food market’s physical store focuses on the consumption experience, blend in catering commercial activities while selling commodities. Restaurants provides field-processing after customers pick their goods, increase transfer ratio so that increasing customer flow. On the other hand, achieving online/offline deeply integrated, you can have the “delivery in half an hour within 5 kilometers” service no matter you purchase in store or online.


So how does Hema food market achieve order delivery efficiency increment? Hema store uses full-automatic logistics mode, logistics belt carries all the way from experience store picking commodity to warehouse shipment. To make sure order is trackable in subsequence delivery, order picker uses PDA to scan the number on the picking bag after receiving order, then based on what the PDA reflects the commodity’s rack position, name, numbering, the number of picking, the quantity to be picked etc., to find out specific commodity, order picker completes picking individual goods by PDA scanning the goods’ barcodes.Mobile handheld terminal PDA has multiple functions such as receiving goods, returning goods, new stock, inventorying, package, re-check etc. covering all aspects from inventory management, picking up goods to delivery.


As a new leader in fresh O2O field, Hema mode can be said that the current better new retail model, which meets the new retail evolvement’s 3 paths: online/offline integration, retail + experiential consumption, retail + industrial ecologic chain.


Emerging fashion brand Hotwind explore new retail,optimize the ultimate experience of stores to achieve gorgeous transformation!


The arrival of the Internet era will push the traditional clothing/shoes brand to the cusp, fierce competitive environment made those impacted traditional clothing/shoes enterprises began to adjust the strategy to speed up the O2O deployment, consumer choice categories and ways also become more diversified.


Domestic fashion retail brand Hotwind launched WeChat member service platform to release electronic membership cards nationwide through the WeChat official account.


Hotwind has always attached great importance to customers’ experience in the physical store, and this is inseparable with researching consumer demand changes and building a unique quality shopping experience. Through the shop's peculiar service such asborrowing umbrella for free, willing to change the goods for customer, goods express delivery and other services, to bring customers tangible convenience. In Changzhou and Fuzhou, where Hotwind opened two concept stores and planed out a coffee lounge area for customer to enjoy the coffee as DIP value-added service while they are shopping at the same time. It’s not hard to find out from those changes, Hotwind O2O strategy is based on the continuous optimization of physicalshop experience and interaction.


For the brand itself, recording the customer's consumption habits, product preferences and consumer portraits, accurate analysis, not only meeting customer needs better, but also providing the necessary reliable data for pushing new product information differentiation, determining the product ratio between different shops and after-sale service resource optimization. This big data collection and digging cannot be done without the help of PDA. The data of product’s attention rate ranking that PDA collected, can effectively help enterprise restocking, producing and design. On the other hand, PDA also does a maximized help to Hotwind to achieve real time inquiry for product price, sales volume, inventory, provide high efficient, convenient inventorying service.


In the future, Hotwind will also provide new functions like online query, goods transferring etc., committo become the leader of selection retail market by brand operation continuous optimization.


Kidswant subverts the traditional business logic, with digital operation, to achieve online and offline interoperability!


Digital lifestyle is shaping a new brand consumption era. Consumer’s consumption action becomes more complicated, has more expectation and choices for new technology utilization and digital live style. Kidswant is a company that perfectly combines technology service and strength of humanity.


Kidswant believes maternal and infant industry’s humanity strength lies in service target’s whole dimension satisfaction, so assigning an engineer and a parenting consultant to every customer. To fulfill the maternal and infant sharing and communication requirements, parenting consultant interact with customers, and build up the connection between customers. Based on this concept, Kidswant creates ecological consumption new parenting pattern. Customer-centric, through the "relationship + scene + content", in-depth customer relationship, create new C2B module and membership stickiness. When running the business of maternal and infant offline market, Kidswant explores online channels, blends in online and offline markets, which is crossing from supply chain to commodity system, then to membership system, in order to achieve combination of online global quality commodity and offline plentiful parent-kid activity, as well as interworking between offline professional parenting consultant and online quality parenting content.


Kidswant uses technology methods to achieve high-efficientshop operation while exploring C2B innovative new module.  Kidswant has nearly 200 shops, which directly use PDA to verify and receive the continuous bulk cargo, save the complicated, repeated manual work process. By the shop number that bind in PDA, you can download the shop receiving tasks, which can be used for generating discrepant information between actual received data and receivable data as verification after receiving. This can be applied for bulk process of specific large amounts ofcargo.


Kidswant’s all channels’ business model, called the model of new retail, enterprises that can bring more values to the customer, certainly get more opportunities in the market development.