Logistics Informatization – Giving Express & Logistics Enterprises Wings to Take Off

Posted on 2015-01-19
What on earth can informatization bring express and logistics enterprises? I think this is the answer that logistics professionals most want to know. In general, the common benefits of informatization are reduction of costs, improvement of core competence and smooth processes. However, due to limitations of such factors as scale of logistics enterprises, industries on which logistics enterprises depend, informatization basis and business governance structure, the benefits informatization can bring logistics enterprises also vary with enterprises. To sum up, informatization brings the following three benefits:


Integrating business platforms and helping reduce logistics costs


For no matter express enterprise or logistics enterprises, one of the most important issues they are confronted with is how to optimize allocation of their logistics resources and how to implement management and decision-making, so as to achieve the maximum benefits with the lowest cost.


Best Express is a large express company that took the lead in exploring the way of industry transformation and upgrading by using information means in China. In terms of comprehensive strength, Best Express is among the best logistics enterprises in China. Targeting at unified business information-based deployment, Best Express adopts iData terminals, professional, stable and durable hand-held data collection devices, to integrate its three business systems, namely express shipment, express delivery and WMS management, which used to run independently on different equipment. As a result, Best Express improves the work efficiency and reduces business costs.


Relying on the professional scanning and 3G wireless communication functions, iData hand-held devices realize automatic collection, real-time transmission and remote management of business data. Based on the Android operation platform provided by iData mobile computers, Best Express integrates the express transportation system, express delivery system and WMS management system that run independently on different equipment and develops an express transportation application, an express delivery application and a WMS management application, which enables the three business systems to run on one iData mobile computer at the same time. System upgrading can be completed through remote push, which is efficient and quick and does not affect work of related departments.


By deploying iData mobile computers, Best Express implements integration of information from business platforms, saves lots of investments in software and hardware and operation & maintenance costs for information construction of the enterprise, and provides a brand-new sample for information construction of logistics enterprises.


Seamlessly connecting business flows with information flows to improve work efficiency of logistics


Logistics informatization is based on combination of information systems with specific businesses of enterprises. Acceleration of information flows as well as timely and accurate information flows directly relate to the balance of logistics workflows. The core requirement for improving the work efficiency of logistics business is to realize data exchange and information sharing.For sending, receiving and sorting operation of e-Commerce small package, Hubei Post Company uses iData Android mobile computers to collect business data in real time. By improving the business efficiency, the company provides customers with better logistics services.


For sending, receiving and sorting operation of e-Commerce small package, Hubei Post Company uses iData Android mobile computers to collect business data in real time. By using the 3G wireless transmission function provided by iData Android mobile computers, the staff transmits dynamic information about e-Commerce small package during loading, unloading and transfer to the management background in real time so that managerial personnel can query and master transportation information about e-Commerce small package at any time, implement full-process visual management for logistics of e-Commerce small package; in addition, by using the 3G wireless transmission function and camera provided by iData Android mobile computers, the staff provides customers with batch consignment, reserved delivery, home signature for receipt, short message notification for the delivery process, photographing and uploading.


Therefore, the information-based application cooperation with iData helps Hubei Post Company gain the following benefits: guaranteeing quick, accurate and batch posting and delivery of small post packages and realizing automatic business data collection, in particular, the work efficiency in the sorting aspect is improved by more than 10 times.


Strengthening full-process tracking and visual management of logistics and enabling more scientific decision-making of enterprises


The information processing and information management capabilities decide the capability of the whole supply chain to respond to the market and the capability to provide customers with efficient and superior services. The main focus of competition has transferred to improvement of the management efficiency of the whole logistics process or supply chain process and the management level.


Take 2KILO logistics service as an example. The third-party logistics enterprise has strong transportation and distribution resources and network resources and provides the value-added services such as warehouse loading and unloading, inventory management, main line and branch transportation, B2B/B2C distribution, safe packaging and comprehensive information service. To improve the warehousing data management capability of the company, effectively monitor goods transportation of the company, and track in-transit status of goods, distribution personnel and vehicles, 2KILO deployed iData mobile computers as barcode collection terminals for smart management of logistics business data.


Warehouse keepers use iData mobile computers to automatically collect, record, upload and share the quantity of daily goods received and delivered from the warehouse, types and quantities, and management departments can master stock of the warehouse in an accurate and real-time manner to provide higher efficiency, accuracy and visibility for operation of the whole goods.


When distribution personnel scan barcodes and transmit business data by using iData mobile computers, the management can track various activities related to operation of the distribution center. For example, the management can determine the time used by employees to complete the work such as placing orders so that they can take corrective measures.


In addition, the management obtains geographical locations of distribution vehicles in real time by receiving GPS positioning information from iData mobile computers, tracks and positions vehicles in real time, which enhances the management function and improves the distribution efficiency.


All these show that the key objectives of logistics informatization are to balance all parts of the logistics system, upgrade the logistics system, make logistics more reasonable, efficient and modern and further extend logistics time and space. For entrepreneurs, logistics informatization can help enterprises realize optimal and smart management and decision-making, make reasonable use of limited resources and achieve the maximum economic benefits with the lowest cost, thus giving express and logistics enterprises wings to take off in the end.