iData Helps E-commerce and Logistics Enterprises Easily Win Out on “November 11”

Posted on 2015-11-30
Looking back at the “Shopping Festival" on November 11, 2014, E-commerce enterprises made brilliant achievements. On only Alibaba’s E-commerce platform, the trading volume broke through RMB 57.1 billion and the amount of logistics orders reached RMB 278 million. In total, 217 countries and regions got involved in this shopping festival.


On November 11, 2015, in face of this amazing trading volume and express volume, how to efficiently complete receipt, delivery and distribution is a common challenge for E-commerce and logistics enterprises.


As the mobile Internet and automatic identification technologies develop quickly and become popularized, the smart warehousing and distribution management solution based on handheld terminals provides strong support for E-commerce and logistics enterprises. As a Chinese leading mobile terminal brand, iData wins the favor of many well-known E-commerce and logistics enterprises.


Typical E-commerce and logistics customers Deployed iData Terminals to Realize Smart and Information-based Warehousing and Distribution is an E-commerce platform established based on the powerful background of Suning Commerce Group Co., Ltd. Products purchased on are delivered by the logistics company of Suning. One of the core competence of Suning is reflected in logistics. At present, Suning has established and put into use 27 third-generation logistics bases, 1 completely automatic warehouse and more than 80 logistics and distribution centers.


To cope with rush hours during “November 11” shopping festival, Suning deployed iData terminals in advance as standard devices for information-based warehousing management and distribution in multiple logistics bases to automatically collect and transmit logistics data. During large packet, small package and dispatching operations, Suning carries out real-time smart management for goods receipt, delivery, sorting and distribution by using the barcode identification and 3G wireless data transmission technologies of iData terminals.


iData Helps Handu Group Create a Myth of Champion in Sales of Women’s Dress at Tmall



During the “online shopping festival” on November 11, 2014, Handu Group won the champion in sales of women’s dress at Tmall, with a sales revenue of RMB 279 million on the day. This achievement was overwhelmingly superior to numerous women’s clothing brands at Tmall. In face of such amazing transaction volume, how did Handu Group efficiently complete receipt and delivery for orders?


The key to success of Handu Group during the “November 11” online shopping festival lies in use of iData data terminals, which realize mobile inventory management.


In the heavy receipt and delivery, stocktaking and warehousing management, Handu Group efficiently and accurately realizes real-time order processing and quick inventory update and guarantees no missed order or error order and timely delivery by using iData terminals, which greatly improves the work efficiency. iData mobile terminals effectively help Handu Group solve the issue of overstocking, improve the operation efficiency, cope with the challenge of “November 11” online shopping festival and guarantee expected profits.


iData Helps the Distribution Center of Best Express Improve its Internal Site Management Efficiency


Best Express is one of top 10 express companies in terms of comprehensive strength in 2014. It is a large express company that took the lead in exploring the way of industry transformation and upgrading by using information means in China.


As one of the main forces for logistics and distribution during the “online shopping festival” on November 11, Best Express selected iData terminals to cope with the high-intensity logistics sorting and distribution, which effectively avoids overstocking. Learn more


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