iData Helped the First Brand Economy Forum of CSITF with Mobile Conference Management and Became the Designated Service Provider of the Conference

Posted on 2015-05-04
On April 25, 2015, China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF) – first China Brand Economy (Shanghai) Forum was held successfully in Shanghai. At the time when China energetically develops brand economy, iData, a Chinese Internet of Things (IoT) mobile terminal brand, appeared in the conference as the designated service provider to provide the forum organizer with a mobile Internet intelligent ticket checking solution. In this event, iData won attention and recognition of many leaders participating in this event.


China Brand Economy (Shanghai) Forum is a high-end dialog platform for Chinese and international brand construction. More than 400 participants, including leaders from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, leaders from the municipal government, Chinese and international brand experts and famous Chinese entrepreneurs, attended this national-level, internationalized and public welfare annual brand conference. By means of keynote speech, brainstorming and interactive dialog, the forum carries out speech and discussion regarding topics such as brand economy of China and Shanghai and brand development.


As the brand awareness of iData is enhanced continuously, iData was determined by China Brand Economy (Shanghai) Forum as the designated service provider to provide the conference with a mobile Internet intelligent ticket checking solution. On the day of the conference, participants were authenticated by scanning the 2D codes on the participant cards with iData mobile intelligent ticket checking terminals and were quickly admitted, which greatly enhances the sign-in efficiency of the conference and improves the brand image of the organizer.


The mobile Internet intelligent ticket checking solution based on iData mobile intelligent ticket checking terminals has been successfully used in Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai International Informatization Fair, Jinhan Home Gift Fair and Central China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo etc., providing professional support for mobile conference management.


As a Chinese leading provider of handheld terminals, iData develops based on market orientation and is quickly becoming the first brand of Chinese IoT mobile terminals relying on strict manufacturing process and innovative product design. Based on “Internet + corporate mobile application”, we commit ourselves to providing various industries with enterprise-class mobile applications of informatization and helping enterprises enhance productivity and management benefit and improve corporate brand images.