iData Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

Posted on 2015-10-22
Mobile Device Management — iData MDM
  • Seven core functions

  • Covering all iData product series
  • Client APP
    Policy management
    Device management
    Push management
    Online FOTA upgrade
    Statistical analysis
    User management
  • Client APP

  • extreme user experience, zero training, no advertisement, no harassment, green and carefree
  • Supports Android OS and IOS
    Supports mobile phones and tablets
    Supports different ways of registration, such as batch
    registration and registration by scanning QR code
  • Device management

  • all-around device control, complete functions and simplified management
  • Data Security: Safe application/Remote data erasure / Hardware-level isolation
    Function control: Locking device/Disabling camera /Disabling specific apps
    Group management: User-defined device group /Device management rights group/Queriable device information inside group
  • Online FOTA upgrade

  • secure, quick and stable integrated OTA management solution
  • Creating, storing and distributing an upgrade policy, supporting resumable data transfer
    Online upgrade of ROM, compatible with differential and complete OTA upgrade packages
    Diversified upgrade modes, forced upgrade / optional upgrade
  • User management

  • Allocate users different roles based on the organizational structure and realize group-based and role-based rights management.
  • Multi-user batch import
    Topspeed 2D code registration
    Basic user information management
    User group-based rights management
  • Policy management

  • Provide the configuration of the default security policy or user-defined security policy to provide users with flexible and diversified choices.
  • Network security policy
    Application security policy
    Device capability security policy
  • Push management

  • Multiple push modes provide enterprises with efficient solutions for one-stop management.
  • User-defined push based on group
    Push of secure encrypted messages
    Supports document, app and multiple file formats
    User-defined timed push
  • Statistical analysis

  • Data is presented in a multi-angle, all-around and centralized way and dynamic information about devices is fully mastered.
  • All-around statistical analysis: users, devices, system, logs and applications
    Multi-dimension statistical analysis: call duration, geographical locations, data traffic and frequencies
    Diversified display: list, line chart, bar chart and pie chart
Mobile application management — iData MAM
  • Application lifecycle management

  • More comprehensive application management means covers the full lifecycle of applications in terms of maintenance./li>
  • Reviewed app upload: Any uploaded app will not be issued until it is reviewed by the administrator, to ensure strict review and control in different levels on each update.
    App issuance: App classification and equipment grouping functions are supported, so as to provide more flexible methods of maintenance to the users.
    App control: Application data can be erased or encrypted remotely, thus helping the users to cope with various emergencies.
    Version management: Application version and prompt messages are updated and pushed more timely and quickly.
  • Application security management

  • The solution is designed for the security of applications and helps users cope with more application scenarios.
  • Blacklist and white list: Supporting blacklist and white list of applications for control purpose.
    Geo-fencing: Enabling restriction on the device functions by use of LBS, Wi-Fi and GPS.
    Silent installation: Free of ads and pop-up boxes, free of harassment.
    Network control: Restricting network entry for access control, specifically designed for Wi-Fi environment.
  • App Store management

  • Build enterprise internal application store, one-stop APP management.
  • Version update
    Topspeed download
    Application issuance
    Reviewed promotion
Mobile security management — iData SEC
  • Security container

  • Software + hardware isolation technology eliminates security risk from the kernel.
  • Encrypted files: Critical files are encrypted and saved, so that data are in a "safe".
    Encrypted communication: Multiple check mechanism and data encryption method.
    Encrypted application: Effectively preventing the risks of app decompiling and decryption.
    Hardened container: Customized desktop Launcher + Underlying data isolation.