iData Appeared in GMIC 2015 and Provided Intelligent Ticket Checking Solution as the Designated Service Provider

Posted on 2015-05-08
On April 28 to 30, 2015, as the most cutting-edge industry conference in the mobile Internet industry, Global Mobile Internet Conference 2015 (GMIC 2015) was held in Beijing. iData was invited to participate in the theme exhibition on the subject of “iData corporate intelligent hardware” and was designated as a service provider of the conference. In the end, iData successfully helped the conference complete intelligent ticket checking management for nearly 30,000 participants and field information collection.


Themed by "Mobile Everything”, GMIC 2015 attracted 400 giants in the industry, for example, Qualcomm, Tencent, Huawei, Alibaba, Baidu and About 30,000 professional participants from more than 60 countries in the world witnessed this conference. They listened to the latest views and opinions about mobile Internet from leaders of top enterprises, felt the collision of most cutting-edge innovative thoughts in the mobile Internet industry and experienced innovative products, cutting-edge technologies and business models.


As a leading brand in corporate mobile application field, iData was invited to participate in this conference and exhibited the new-generation mobile computers it develops and the latest corporate mobile applications. Based on automatic identification and wireless communication technologies, iData mobile computers help enterprises accurately collect data, transmit and process information in real time and quickly realize mobile operation. In the era of mobile Internet, iData mobile computers perfectly win out in the quickly escalated enterprise informatization competition and were well received by the participants on site.


iData is not only a corporate intelligent hardware exhibitor in this conference but also the designated service provider for ticket checking and participant statistics in this conference.


This conference set up dozens of branch sites in total. With iData mobile intelligent ticket checking terminals, staff in each branch site can obtain participant identity information in real time by scanning the 2D codes on cards or mobile phones shown by the participants. This guarantees more real-time and accurate information collection and statistics for participants in this conference. The mobile conference management solution based on iData mobile intelligent ticket checking terminals brings much convenience to the participants and field staff and improves the operation efficiency and brand image of the conference.


According to field staff, the mobile Internet intelligent ticket checking solution based on iData mobile intelligent ticket checking terminals combines the current development of Internet commerce and shows a service innovation model under the thinking of mobile Internet.