iData 70 won the ‘IoT star 2017 – China IoT industry annual selection’

Posted on 2018-04-03
During “IoT star 2017 – China IoT industry annual selection”, iData 70 is acknowledged by 500 IoT experts and won “The most influential innovative handheld terminal product of RFID industry China 2017” out of more than 300 IoT company competitors.



About the awards:


“IoT star” selection activity started in 2007, it has been through 11 years development and precipitation, and became the great industry specification and most influential pure public welfare selection activity, its authority is popularly recognized and highly praised by industry insider, its honor is also called “Oscar of China IoT industry”.


Early 2018, China IoT industry application league and IoT media held “IoT star 2017 – China IoT industry annual selection”, award ceremony will be held the same period with “2018 China IoT CEO conference” in Suzhou International Expo Center on 24th April. The selection will assess the industrial outstanding achievements in terms of enterprise brand, innovative product, industry people, system and application etc. from last year.


About awarded products:


The honor iData 70 acquired, indicates iData product is fully affirmed by China IoT industry. Confirmation that design of iData 70 is innovative and its performance has reached international advancing level. iData 70 retail business related application solves actual application problems well, bring enterprise good economic benefits.


· iData 70 is equipped with the industry's latest industrial-grade scanning engine, newly designed ergonomic scanning angles, extreme speed collection, and scanning verification in one step.


· Whole network(FDD-LTE/TD-LTE) 4G wireless communication + Generation 5 Wi-Fi technology (802.11ac), high-efficient-transmission, dual frequency switch transmission, meet the needs of various industries on-demand network selection.


· Lightweight and stylish appearance, equipped with 5000mAh lithium polymer safety battery, supports fast charging, working at full load for 24 hours.


iData 70 is the product of company's innovation, accumulation and precipitation.  In order to satisfy the excellent experience of innovation, quality and service, iData mobile smart computer will continue to tap the needs of all industries and create a more perfect cost-effective solution of software/hardware integration.