iData 55HC mobile health care terminal intelligent protection - ‘Work mate’ of hospital high-efficient functioning

Posted on 2017-08-24
Currently many hospitals start to deploy internet+ mobile health care application, mobile terminals like PDA has become one of the main mobile devices selected by hospitals for implementation of mobile health care application. So, what kind of mobile terminals would be favored by health care staff and how do hospitals choose the dazzling assortment of mobile health care terminal products in the market?


3 main factors need to be taken into consideration for choosing mobile health care terminals: Collecting patient data accurately; High efficient continuous network communication; Firmness and durability, adapting hospital environment.


iData 55HC is using Android6.0 operating system, fully satisfy utilization requirements for hospitals, efficiently achieve wireless ward rounds, mobile nursing, clinic transfusion and pharmacy management etc..


5G Wi-Fi design + 4G(FDD-LTE/T-LTE), seamless connection to every corner of hospital


There are many signal interruption spaces in hospital, health care staff always need to run round and round every hospital corner, if the signal cannot do auto-switch and operate normally, it affects the working efficiency.The 5G Wi-Fi design that used by iData 55HC, transmission speed rate is more than 3 times faster than normal Wi-Fi. Radio communication technology with more speed and more stability are providing reliable guarantee for health care key data transmission.  iData 55HC is the first one adopting 4G(FDD-LTE/T-LTE) in the industry nationwide, rapid and free radio communication satisfies health care staff requirement of high resolution and large data radio transmission.


Professional scanning + high resolution camera, accurate and quick data collection of healthcare


iData 55HC is equipped with the most powerful scanning engine within industry, can read barcodes on the wrist stripe and transfusion bag fast and accurately, does patient identity verification, eradicate medical mistakes, arrange clinical diagnosis and treatment.


8 million pixel rear HD camera helps health care staff to achieve monitor function of onsite mobile ward rounds, also seamless collection of digital media data such as video, picture etc.


4.7-inch whole perspective high resolution touch screen, easy viewing and recording health care information


iData 55HC is adopting industry-leading TP+LCD full lamination technology, 4.7-inch IPS whole perspective large screen, high-resolution display, easy reading health care info; Super sensitive touch control, support gloves operation, dry/wet hands touching, can be working under low temperature, dry or dust-free environment, easy recording health care info.


Portability, safety, durability, more convenient for health care work


Thin design of the iData 55HC, only weighted 230gram, easy to take along, no tired feeling after long time usage; Medical grade specialantibacterial shell, which is safe and reliable, eradicate cross infection, making health care work more safety; Firmness and durability, satisfy IP65 protection grade and standard that falling on cement floor from 1.2meters height.


Mobile health care application deployment is accelerating, there will be more and more hospitals to use mobile devices such as PDA etc.  No matter for clinical nursing, specimen collection, medical orders execution, mobile transfusion or drug storage management, iData 55HC is a professional, reliable mobile health care terminal.