Fighting novel coronavirus, iData in action

Posted on 2020-02-05
At the beginning of the New Year, the pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus swept across China and the prologue of a life-and-death struggle was once again launched nationwide. There are always some of the bravest of us on the front lines in the face of a sudden outbreak. These front-line workers are taking the lead and doing everything they can to fight the epidemic.


In this non-smoke epidemic prevention and control, the community emergency action, donations, and many enterprises as the new force in this action, they quickly and efficiently implement. IData is no exception, and knows that the more difficult times are, the more social responsibility there is. iData has been closely monitoring the development of the domestic epidemic, although not in the front line, but also hope to do everything possible to provide more help and support in various forms to epidemic areas, with practical action as a corporate citizen of social responsibility.


Currently, iData has implemented these initiatives in support of the epidemic prevention efforts:


1. Set up epidemic prevention headquarters as soon as possible. The headquarters team is responsible for the Unified Organization, coordination and command of the company's new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia emergency response work, the report and release of important epidemic information, to guide and urge all departments to do a scientific and orderly epidemic prevention and control work. iData command firm confidence, accurate measures, iData staff strictly implement the measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic in our division, determined to win the epidemic prevention and control, attack, go all out to protect the health and safety of employees.


2. Leverage the resources of overseas sales teams to source medical supplies and make donations to affected areas.At present, iData in Korea has found tens of thousands of KF94 masks, this batch of masks will be the fastest speed, directly donated to the Wuxi Epidemic Command office.


3. Respond positively to the government's call to delay the resumption of work. But for epidemic prevention, people's livelihood business, open up a green channel. Supply Chain Center set up a commando team to provide reliable protection for epidemic prevention and Livelihood customers.


4. Implement Epidemic Prevention measures to meet the needs of epidemic prevention.
Prevention and Control Information for the record: All staff since February 3, every day faithfully fill out the company mass prevention and Control Information Collection Form, report abnormal situation.
Temperature Monitoring: February 10 after the official return to work, all employees and external visitors in the company before entering, due to the administration department arranged to do temperature monitoring.
Environment Kill: February 10 after the resumption of work, by the company's Administrative Department to arrange a day of killing the office, and for the staff to prepare masks and other protective supplies free of charge.


Fight Epidemic, iData DOES NOT FLINCH, fight this battle resolutely! Like all businesses and all people, we all want the best care for our health care workers and the early recovery of all our patients. iData will continue to pay attention to the dynamics of the epidemic, to continue to contribute to the prevention of the epidemic, I believe that we are united as one, united as one, we will be able to overcome the epidemic, to tide over the difficulties!