【Express News】 Delivery of iData 25T 2 in 1 Smart Thermometer: Wuhan Huazhong University of Science and Technology Science Park Prevention and Control Project Implemented

Posted on 2020-07-25
In the Science Park of Wuhan Huazhong University of Science and Technology, iData 25T 2 in 1 Smart Thermometers are fully applied, and health code verification and body temperature testing are conducted on campus staff travel, which greatly improves management efficiency.



Quick integrated verification

With the resumption of labor and production in Wuhan, the number of school staff entering and exiting has gradually increased. A variety of epidemic prevention and statistical methods such as forehead temperature guns, mobile phone code scanning registration, and form registration have been used in the early stage. By using the iData 25T 2 in 1 Smart Thermometers, the body temperature screening, Hubei health code verification and other tasks are combined into one step. The epidemic prevention personnel complete the verification work of a citizen within 3 seconds, which greatly improves the efficiency of epidemic prevention and releases, greatly reducing the personnel Gathering and direct contact at the entrance.



iData 25T 2 in 1 Smart Thermometers have been delivered to major units in Wuhan in batches to help Wuhan health code epidemic prevention and temperature measurement management, and to ensure the work, cultural and life needs of citizens after resumption of production.