Technical Support

This website provides the service support based on the Internet, firmware, software download, user manuals and product data tables to provide technical support for all partners and customers.

To make technical support more quick and convenient, we also provide searchable online resource repository on the technical support portal. If you enter a key word or search for a category, you can find a series of answers in the resource repository. The resource repository covers the answers to questions of all aspects, for example, questions about product configuration, user guide, and troubleshooting. We will continue to provide the latest product information for your query.

To better use the service platform of our website anytime and anywhere, partners and customers can obtain our technical support services through the following ways: If you need technical support for urgent problems, dial our technical support hotline +86-0510-85622866, or you may send email to

If you need further help to complete equipment installation or inspection, contact the distributor or submit the question in the following format to the technical support personnel of Wuxi iData Technology Company Ltd. Our experts will respond to your question ASAP.