iData 50

iData 50 provides professional and outstanding automatic data identification and collection,
such as 1D/2D barcode, NFC, GPS and camera to help users collect field data accurately and rapidly.

iData 50, enterprise-class smartphone, bar code scanner, handheld terminal
  • The display screen of iData 50 adopts 4.7-inch HD screen. The screen is clearly visual for indoor, sunlight and extremely cold environments. The touch panel of iData 50 adopts an industrial grade super-sensitive capacitive screen and supports operation with gloves, dry or wet hands.

rugged terminal, industrial PDA, RFID reader, iData 50, 4G smartphone
bar code readers, handheld scanners, mobile computer, iData 50, 4G smartphone
  • Equipped with a 3600 mAh rechargeable safe lithium polymer battery,
    iData 50 can work for at least eight hours.
    iData 50 also supports 1.3 A quick charging technology,
    which greatly shortens the charging time.

  • The extended data ports for external devices enable users to flexibly expand more applications in the future such as ID recognition, POS payment, and fingerprint collection.

handheld computer, enterprise mobility, iData 50, enterprise-class smartphone
rugged terminal, bar code readers, enterprise mobility, iData 50

In the front of the device, four functional keys laid out in a reasonable manner for easy operation.
Both sides of the device are equipped with shortcut scan keys to provide convenience for one-hand operation.
The edge line design guarantees comfortable hand feeling and fitness.
Scientific layout of functional modules helps users complete various operations easily and quickly.

industrial PDA, rugged terminal, enterprise-class smartphone, iData 50, enterprise mobility
  • In addition to OS customization service, we also provide users with MDM service. The mobile device management (MDM) service allows users to remotely monitoring and managing their iData devices deployed in the workplace.


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