Regional Agents

Regional agents sell mobile application solutions to end users in the specified regions and provide end users with a series of value-added services such as product sales, technical support and professional services

iData regional agents will work with our partners to design industry leading solutions for end users in terms of identification, tracking and supply chain asset management. In addition to recognizing the contributions of agents, the new iData partnership plan provides agents with a quick and effective platform for developing more business opportunities.

We provide a tool kit with rich content, incentives based on performance appraisal, industrial expertise, foresighted and improving cooperation plans to strengthen the partnership between both parties and help partners build industry leading and profitable solutions.

Commitment and feature:

iData regional agents aim to provide end users with superior enterprise mobile solutions based their familiarity with local markets and customers, in combination with innovative iData mobile computers.

We provide partners and those that will become partners with certain incentives. The plan also helps qualify partners in terms of their capacity and commitments.

Reasons for becoming iData regional agents:

  • Flexible project participation mode and various financial incentives
  • Opportunities to cooperate with sales teams in the industry
  • Enhanced opportunities for joint sales and marketing cooperation
  • Sales and technical training
  • Huge supporting resources
  • Solid cross-regional cooperation plan

Partners can be authorized log in to the website for querying and following up internal sales opportunities of iData mobile computers, where they can submit joint brand promotion materials and other marketing strategies to help achieve sales.

iData recognizes our partners as valuable keys to communicate with our customers, and as assets to the partnership network strong and solid.iData believes that our partners (System integrators, Distributors, Vendors) play a strategic part in enhancing our products and solutions, they also enable us to improve our service.

You may contact regional offices directly, or contact iData Sales to identify the proper iData partner office to assist you.

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