"Hard-core" equipment is used in the inspection and resumption of epidemic prevention in the Science Park

From: iData Time: 2020-04-22

"‘Dee!’ OK, next!" At 9 a.m. on April 8, at the gate of the Science and Technology Park of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Fang Yawen, an anti-epidemic worker, held a code-scanning gun and communicated with enterprises entering the park. The workers who resume work are separated by one meter, and they complete the whole process of measuring body temperature and scanning the health code. It only takes 1 to 2 seconds to check one person.


The park uses a barcode scanner to check the health information of people entering and leaving

The device that Fang Yawen holds is the size of an analog mobile phone. It is equipped with the health monitoring system introduced by the park. The code scanner has the functions of temperature measurement and health code scanning. The health information of the in and out personnel can be exported in the background. The speed is fast, ideally, 40 people can be checked in 1 minute.

Mr. Wang is an employee of the enterprise in the park and has resumed work in the park since last week. In the past few days, he obviously felt the speed of entering the park increased: "In the past, when people came in and out of the inspection peak, people and cars lined up, and now there are many people working, but basically there is not much queue."

As of that day, there were 98 resumption companies in the science and technology park, with nearly 5,000 employees. After all enterprises in the park resume normal operations, more than 20,000 people will enter and leave every day. If the property personnel check the information at the three open entrances, use the temperature measurement tool to operate one-on-one, and then check the green code of the mobile phone, it is easy to cause congestion during the peak period and increase the risk of infection.


Scanner is the size and shape of a mobile phone

To this end, the park introduced a code scanning gun with integrated temperature measurement and verification, and one device can realize the two tasks of code scanning information collection and body temperature measurement. Before the company resumes work, it is necessary to fill in the employee's health information data on the epidemic prevention information mini-program developed by the park. When commuting, the epidemic prevention staff scans the code and measures the temperature of the entry and exit personnel through the code scanning gun, and can complete the inspection work without contact and quickly.

It is understood that on the data port of this "hard-core technology" device, the park manager can generate various reports through the verification system to provide a comprehensive and comprehensive understanding of the status of the park's resumption of enterprises, the flow of people during the resumption of work, and statistics of abnormal conditions in the park. Make the epidemic situation control in the park more refined.