Check the identity documents, check the health green code, and go out of the city in an orderly manner

From: iData Time: 2020-04-22

At 10 a.m. on April 8th, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily-Changjiang Network visited the Fuhe toll station and found that all five channels in the outbound direction were open. The police on duty conducted spot checks on personnel and vehicles in accordance with the law.

Citizen Mr. Xiong is going to return to Huanggang's hometown to reunite with his wife and children. Before the Spring Festival, Mr. Xiong's wife and children had already returned to their hometown. Mr. Xiong was temporarily staying for work reasons. He and his family have not met for 76 days.


Police on duty conduct random inspections of vehicles out of town

The on-duty policeman Wang Peng checked Mr. Xiong ’s identity document, checked whether the health green code was his own, and checked the trunk and luggage. No live birds were allowed to enter the city. The scene was in order.

It is reported that at 0:00 on the 8th, all 75 entry and exit control points in the city were removed, and the normal functional work of 19 public security checkpoints and 7 traffic service stations was restored. Vehicles that may affect the prevention and control of the epidemic and affect the order of public security traffic Personnel, conduct random checks. The police appealed to the general public friends, in addition to the need to leave Han and E to resume production, etc., it is not necessary not to go out, please go to the wrong peak when traveling, reasonably avoid traffic jams, and actively cooperate with the implementation of relevant measures for epidemic prevention and control.