"The airport epidemic prevention and control measures are strict, and it is safer to come all the way", the father of Wuhan second child returns to Sanya to resume work

From: iData Time: 2020-04-22

"I believe that the lives of my wife and children in Wuhan will get better and better." At 7 a.m. on April 8, Wuhan citizen Gao Xi boarded China Eastern Airlines flight MU2527 and returned from Wuhan Sanya resumed work. Before leaving, Gao Xi was interviewed by a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily-Yangtze.com. He admitted that the strict prevention and control measures of Tianhe Airport during the boarding process were impressive, "so it is more safe to come along."

On April 8, 2020, the flight from Wuhan to Sanya took off at 7:25, the airport staff took the passenger's temperature

Gao Xi is a practitioner in the construction industry. On January 13, he returned from Sanya to his hometown of Wuhan for the Chinese New Year. "I must cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, so I have been staying at my home in Wuhan."

Gao Xi bought the flight back to Sanya on April 8th. After entering the airport, scanning codes and measuring body temperature have gone through strict prevention and control steps. "I came mainly to see the health, and I have taken protective measures, so I am very confident."

He also said that he will not relax his vigilance after arriving in Sanya. "First of all, I will definitely cooperate actively with the local government's epidemic prevention and control related work. I will also buy some protective products, including masks, killing supplies, and ensure the safety of resumption of work.

Gao Xi said that the most important thing in his heart was his wife and a pair of children who stayed in his hometown. "It will still be a little melancholy, and I will miss my love and children very much." But he also said that he is still very confident in his family's life in Wuhan. "During the epidemic prevention and control period, the community's properties and volunteers have helped us a lot. I believe that the lives of my wife and children in Wuhan will get better and better."