iData @ CHINASHOP 2017,lit up the new chapter of smart new retail

From: iData Time: 2017-11-23

4th November, Annual China national retail congress(CHINASHOP 2017) was put to an end. Under the retail revolution, collision and combination between new tech and retail, this congress brought the retailers a gluttonous feast of high-profile and full range of brand display.

“New retail•smart assistance GO”• New retail application experience + all series of iData products display

In this CHINASHOP retail congress, iData and SCG shared the new retail application to the audience by the theme of “New retail•smart assistance GO” -- based on the iData mobile terminal’s order single-picking management system,on-site elaborating the experience of new “smart-assistance” : Customers make orders and finish payment on shopping platform → System back-end server sends the orders to iData mobile terminal →iData mobile terminal auto receives order list info that being verified by picking staff, who then pick the goods by scanning barcode of corresponding product → As soon as scanning+picking-goods done, system will auto set the picking process completed → Clerk package the goods and send to customers.

Based on iData mobile terminal order single-picking management system, clerk and shop management staff can easily achieve order picking,shop/warehouse mobile management, effectively finish all process in order. Audiences were feeling the new shopping experience brought by the new retail technology.

iData new retail smart computer display

“New retail•smart assistance GO” booth site

Network co-working•Data driven intelligence--New retail application special topic sharing session

3rd November, Network co-working•Data driven intelligence -- the new retail application special topic sharing session was held by iData, SCG and Ebrun in Chongqing Ramada hotel. The sharing brought together the new retail industry experts such as SCG, Ebrun institute, BOE, DTSTACK, Uxunsoft, sharing new retail background and trend, as well as the operation module of new retail leading sample from different fields -- Hemaxiansheng, Hotwind, Kidswant. This sharing also introduced and elaborated new retail in different angles with regards to the characteristics of big data, Cloud application.


New retail engine has started, consumer behavior habit revolution is coming. iData will continue to provide new retail mature solutions, help increase new retail enterprise smart operation ability, logistics efficiency and customer upgrading experience, and let the future competition go towards personalized, customized and intelligent.

In future, iData will focus on the new retail, providing more stable and reliable equipment and mature applications for the new retail industry. iData looks forward to working with you to seize the endless possibilities of new retail!