iData supporting Cainiao Logistics Station to provide efficient logistics service

Posted on 2020-08-17

iData supporting Cainiao Logistics Station to provide efficient logistics service

Customer Background
"Cainiao Logistics Station" (Cai Niao Yi Zhan in Pinyin) under the Cai Niao Logistics System, also known as Alibaba Service Station, mainly provides product collection service for the consumers who have purchased products from online retailers such as Tmall and Taobao. As the extended logistics service for online retailers, Cainiao Logistics Station is a new attempt of Alibaba to solve the issue of the "last 1km of distribution" in the courier service. Statistics show that, in addition to the Cainiao Logistics Stations in the campus, there are currently more than 20,000 Cainiao Logistics Stations across China providing comprehensive logistics and daily-life services in the "last 1km".

Application Requirement
Cainiao Logistics Station provides courier parcel collection and dispatch service, as the transfer service station in the last 1km of distribution for online retailers. According to statistics, one Cainiao Logistics Station receives and dispatches an average of up to 300 parcels daily. In order to provide efficient service in the last 1km of distribution for online retailers, Cainiao Logistics Station introduces the parcel information management solution based on iData mobile computer.

Application Aspects
Inbound shipping of parcels, goods pickup management, SMS notification, handling of retained parcels and problematic parcels.

Application Implementation
Based on the barcode scanning and collection function and real-time data transmission function of iData mobile computer, the wireless operating platform of Cainiao Logistics Station provides powerful data support to the parcel operations in the service station, such as inbound shipping of parcels, pickup management, SMS notification, and handling retained and problematic parcels. By seamless connection with the backstage system of the courier companies, all data related to parcel collection, parcel arrival and direct handling of problematic parcels are synchronized with the backstage system by pressing only one button, thus effectively relieving the pressure from parcel management, greatly reducing the distribution error rate, improving the work efficiency in parcel management, and providing experiences of more convenient parcel collection and dispatch service for both the online retailers and online shopping users.

Customer Benefits
• iData mobile computer is used for accurate and efficient barcode management during the whole process, from inbound shipping of parcels, sorting of parcels and signing for pickup of parcels.
• Problems such as delayed information and inaccurate manual input of orders in a large quantity during the process of inbound/outbound shipping of parcels are effectively reduced.
• The comprehensive management of the transfer station in the last 1km of distribution for online retailers is realized, and the distribution efficiency and service image of the online retailers is also improved.

Indusrial Application
Logistics and courier industry