Build Efficient Logistics – iData Helps Ane Logistics Hold Outfield Application of Logistics

Posted on 2020-08-17

Build Efficient Logistics – iData Helps Ane Logistics Hold Outfield Application of Logistics

Customer Background
At present, Ane Logistics has established more than 130 distribution centers nationwide and owns more than 10,000 employees and more than 5,000 certified franchisees and partners.

Application Requirement
To improve the operation efficiency of franchisees and better serve customers, Ane Logistics promotes the brand-new PDA – iData mobile computer.

Application Implementation
iData mobile computers realize multiple utility functions such as real-time receipt at outlets, real-time order recording, shooting and upload, scanning of received packages and registration of packages with problems, which provide outlets with convenient services, greatly reduce the error rate, effectively relieve the distribution pressure of outlets and improve the work efficiency.
• With the Android OS, support for native gesture operation and sensitive feedback of capacitive screen, users can perform operations by sliding on the screen or touching the screen on multiple points. In addition, mass third-party applications are supported.
• Based on humanized experience, the newly designed UI realizes running of multiple tasks at the same time and switching between work tasks on the same screen.
• The iData mobile computer embeds barcode scanning, GPS positioning, a 3G communication module and a card reading component (RFID). A SIM card can be configured and data is transmitted over the 3G network.
• The key layout is reasonable. The humanized design of two scan keys on both sides easily supports operation with one hand, which greatly relieves fatigue of users and improves the work efficiency.
• iData mobile computers comply with the IP65 industrial protection grade and are solid and durable. They can be used in dusty and water splashing environments and can be used properly even if they fall off accidentally many times.


In addition, relying on the barcode scanning and real-time data transmission functions provided by iData mobile computers, iData mobile computers can provide strong data support for the commitment to timely delivery from the starting station to the destination station (including timely transit and timely distribution from the center to outlets). Based on the real-time feature, iData mobile computers normalize outlet receipt and delivery and cater more to the requirements in the information era nowadays, thus helping Ane Logistics build the largest LCL logistics franchise network in China.


With one iData mobile computer, deliverymen working outside can control everything.
1. Mobile billing at outlets
2. Real-time receipt and shooting for retention
3. In-transit tracking
4. Query at any time
5. Scanning of received and delivered packages
6. Registration of packages with problems
7. Mobile collection of goods payment and voucher printing